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My faith and Education


I was raised Southern Baptist, and I hold my faith in Jesus Christ: the risen son of God. I believe that the Holy Bible is his inspired word, and we should trust it. 

Associates Degree- Secondary Education

B.A.- English Education, University of Southern Mississippi

M.Ed.- Curriculum and Instruction, University of Mississippi

Ed. S. - Educational Leadership- Delta State University

CIA Instructor Academy- Crossexamined.org 

Graduate Certificate Courses- Biola University  

My background


I've been an educator all my life, and I want to train churches on why they should know more about their Christian faith. My dealings with young people have taught me that the Christian faith is being continuously challenged in today's culture, and many young people do not know how to deal with these challenges. Many are uncomfortable asking questions, which is why I desire to educate, both young and old, to know more about what Christians should believe and why they are rational to believe it. 

What Fortified Faith is All About


  To inspire youth to learn more about their Christian faith and ways to share it. 

To share the Gospel and show it to be true. 

To prepare churches and youth to discuss their faith and strengthen it by analyzing the rationality behind what they believe. 

To refute errors about Christianity and what it believes. Fortified Faith Ministries  in Clinton

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